Focal points of interest of IG RiverCruise

Operating river cruise ships is complex, sophisticated and elaborate. Due to the extended domain of river cruise ships in Europe between Amsterdam and the Black Sea, as well as on the Seine, Rhone and the Po, not only the national regulations of the home country are to be observed but also international regulations from the fields of nautical science, technology and administrative law.

Focal points of interest according to fields

Nautical topics

  • Maintenance, development and expansion of European waterways from tourist and environmental points of view
  • Maintenance and development of adequate mooring areas for river cruise ships taking into account the development of ship building and fleet development
  • Guarantee of cross-border uniform information policy on special nautical features, such as high or low water, blocks, renovation work, etc.

Technical topics

  • Development and guarantee of cross-border uniform shipbuilding standards tailor-made and appropriate for the requirements of cabin cruises

Topics concerning administrative law

  • Simplification and standardisation of conditions concerning labour law for personnel on river cruise ships in the nautical and hotel sector
  • Simplification and standardisation of documents and procedures to clear ships in regard to customs, visa, entry and departure regulations